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Yes stay far away from them OEM is Yue-Lin Electrical Technology

thanks, i've gone crazy reading reviews and watching videos for dozens of psu's.... been using what you posted and the faq thread as well..

i was raging at how many people make unboxing videos without showing everything in the box... it truly blew my mind... was amazing to see people read box specs and show stickers but not even show you the cables...

so many of these psu's that are 1000watt have 3 pci-e harness and i thought it was a joke... im thinking about not the best, not the worst, but at least it has enough pci-e connectors to power many lower end cards

been looking at getting 2x600 or 2x700's but same issue with Amp rating on rail and the connectors.... Last thing I want to do is buy a 400psu per card biggrin.gif with these ridiculous prices, it would still be cheaper than buying a 1500w psu