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Poll Results: Which is better in your opinion??

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    DayZ - Stand Alone
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Dayz and rust are in the alpha phase. with that being said i feel the developers still do not know where the games are going.(esp. rust). Beta testing should give the consumer a much better picture of where the game will be and what it will be like at launch. both dayz and rust still have no direction i feel on where the game is going. yes of course :survive:" but where is it going. What rust is and enviroment where it is on you to truely make it fun. there is no true "goal" to accomplish besides staying alvie and the ones you setfor yourself. Even mincraft has the "goal" of the killing the ender dragon. i mean there is still plenty of room for them to put that in rust and dayz but the question is when.
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Here is my experience with Day-z:

Log in
Run around looking for loot (about 30 minutes)
Find a piece of rotten fruit and maybe some cargo shorts and a helmet (on a good day)
Run around looking some more (30-45 minutes)
Die (from a zombie or someone who just randomly kills you)

Every-time the same thing, it is just really, really boring to do all that running around and put up with the horrible mouse controls inside of buildings for nothing.. It really needs a better way to let people who don't play 24/7 get at least a chance at getting some gear to survive with. Still nto sure what you do,even if you get some good weapons and gear, as it seems most of the games systems are far off down the road. Right now, it's run around find stuff and kill other people and zombies. maybe there is more to it, but that's my take on it.


gather some wood and rocks
craft some basic crap
kill some animals
make some shelter
eat some chicken
get some loot
get more resource, build better things, get more loot, rinse repeat
it's fun for a few days, then kind of gets boring. There just isn't much game and not whole lot to craft.

I think eventually they will both be good if not great, they are just really early right now.
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So if you are limited on funds i would save them for when these games actually launch and the watch some gameplay. That's the best thing IMHO.
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