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Originally Posted by Rigbeelder View Post

Looking forward to the result, this looks awesome!thumb.gif

Thanks bro. Hope you enjoy the rest of the log XD
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So this weekend was more to working with the sidepanels and getting them right.
Well, spray painting can be a very tricky thing to get right.

Before that, my custom modular sleeve cables has arrive via post :hyper: Well, its
not that i don't know how to sleeve, but i have no idea where to get the plug heads
that goes into the psu haha. And anyway I dun think I will have the time to do it
anyway. So here are some of the pics.




So those are the pictures showing both ends of the cables. It can be custom
ordered to the type of modular power supply u own so its pretty cool. Also, the
cables are according to the lengths I want so all this cables are measured to the
exact length I will need for this build. This will reduce the cable clutter in the rig
itself so all is good :thumbs: And all this is thanks to [@khfoong81] He did a
marvellous job with the cables and sleeving. I recommend him if you need
custom made sleeved cables.

Moving on, here are the sidepanels after it has been left to cure for a week.



Looks good and all but the spray painting did leave quite a rough surface and
powdered layer on the surface.


Does anyone know why this happens? It doesnt really happen all the time
though. Can it be because of the spray paint was applied in short burst? Is it
suppose to be sustained spray over an area? I checked online and everyone
seems to have different opinions. Oh well, I washed it with water and wet sanded
it VERY lightly so I get a smooth surface and not sand through the entire coat.



So after its all smooth and nice, I move on to the black top coat. For this part I
used 600 grit sandpaper for those who are interested. Basically I sanded it over
running water so the sanded parts dun get caught under the sandpaper and
scratch the surface.

So while waiting for the black paint to be dry to touch, I went on working with the
acrylic. Acrylic is like the most annoying thing to cut. Its like so easy, yet so hard.
Basically working with acrylic for me is a very love hate experience. Anyway, I got
the measurements wrong when I ordered the acrylic panels to for the window

I measured it against the panel itself. But I forgot about the case frame itself and
missed out the back which is about 12mm. So basically I'll have to cut 12mm
from the ordered acrylic which is this.


as you can see I compare the casing against the acrylic. So yup, some will have
to go for a fit. And after much effort and repeated cuts and finally the bend till snap,
I got this.


and after pulling the snapped off piece from the acrylic sheet.


So I compared the new dimensions against the sidepanel to make sure the hole is completely covered.


Well, all is good till here haha. So now it will fit the casing just fine I would
suppose, the mounting should be done next week, if everything goes right.

So I'll have to cut some more of the acrylic that is going to the right side of the
case cause of the switches. Cutting a block out was not something I have done
before so I just went with it and somehow it came out alright.


So with that done, I went on with the sidepanels I just painted.Well I forgot to take
pictures but the paint on the black was rough and powdered. I still have no idea why it was like that. Normally I would just continue on but I decided that I need to
at least get a better surface so like the primer I washed it with water and light
sanded it again. This time I sprayed with a sustained stream instead of short
burst. I went much slower than I normally do and it turned out pretty awesome.



Turns out a slow sustained spray is better I guess. I did not take a close up shot
of the surface cause that I'll leave it after I wash it down but at the moment its
already feeling very smooth. Even my cousin asked if it was powdered coated. At
first I was thinking to do some designs on the side panels but after looking at it, I
wouldnt want to risk spoiling an already very nice top coat. So I'll consider leaving
it like that for now.

Well that's all for this update. Now I'll be working up a design for the acrylic and
also the wiring works needed to be done for the led strips. Do leave me any
feedback or suggestions you have, I'll really appreciate them. And hope you guys
enjoyed the update. Have a good week ahead
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This is turning out pretty great!
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Originally Posted by ccRicers View Post

This is turning out pretty great!

thank you for your kind comment!! XD hope you enjoy the rest of the log
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So i've been working on the design for the side panel where the hdd can be seen through
the acrylic. i will spray on the acrylic so basically it hides the hdd bay. i was stump for quite some time
cuz i had no idea what design was suitable. but in the end i drew inspiration from the thing that
inspired the colour theme of this mod as well.

the center of the design i drew was based on the orange accent of the gpu. so i've been doing it on
proe cad and after many trial and error (proe has this constraint thing where if u dun play along with it,
it'll definitely go bananas) this is what my final render has came up to

haha so now it basically looks like some high tech keycard. and if possible with a 3d printer (hint hint*)
i will definitely want to make a model of that.

so here are the drawings i rendered below

well after i finished the left side i felt the hole was too empty so i drew some stuff in the right drawing.
but i do like the clean look despite feeling a bit empty right there. so what do u guys think?
i'm probably gonna spray it this weekend but do let me know what u think.
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I say the second one.
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I also will go with the second one. It makes the first one look like there's an emblem or logo missing in the middle.
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Originally Posted by KillThePancake View Post

I say the second one.
Originally Posted by ccRicers View Post

I also will go with the second one. It makes the first one look like there's an emblem or logo missing in the middle.

hm... thats true. that would be why i decided to make the center thing again haha. anyway thx a lot for your feedback XD
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so i updated way later than my intentional update day but oh well, work has priorities i guess.
anyway this will just be a short update for those of you still following :respect:

so the side panels which has been spray painted are doing mighty fine, i washed them down after
leaving it to cure for about a week and the result was much better than i expected.



probably this side panels are one of the best results i've ever done in any mods haha. and here is
a close up shot of the surface. sry the pic is slightly grainy haha


so with that done i've moved on to the cabling works which i am struggling to find time to do.
between work and dota i really have no time man :sweat: so over the last weekend i got started
on creating the stencil that i'll be using to spray the design i came up with on the side panel acrylic.
normally all the mods in other forums ppl use painting tape, but i have no idea where to find this.
i mean you guys can say why not masking tape but its very different cuz the paint can seep through
the masking tape and it cant be easily cut with blade cuz it tears easily. and also i have to attach
multiple layers before i can cut cuz the design is quite big.

so i'm using the same thing i used for my previous mod.


this is basically a transparent laptop skin. the adhesive is strong enuf cuz it uses suction as well
so paints cant seep beneath the skin. and it can be easily cut. i was quite lazy so i asked my sis
to cut it for me haha.


so the left is the design and the right is the stencil for the black paint. i will be painting it this
weekend. and recently i juz sleeved the front panel cables. so here is a shot of the cables.


and after an hour of sleeving. i dont have a molex modding toolkit but a small screwdriver or
tweezers works juz as well. juz have to slowly do it so you don't break the plastic pin haha.
and the final product


so thats it for the latest update haha. hopefully i can do more this weekend cuz i'm dying to play
titanfall so i need this com up and running :x

have a great weekend guys
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Nice sleeving!
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