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Poor Man's LGA 2011 SFF case

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So I'm going to try to make as small of a case as possible for my Gigabyte X79-UD3 with Xeon E5-2650 ES and GT 640. It's an ATX motherboard with stock intel 2011 cooler and short GPU.

It will most likely be made from cardboard and it will be "half-height" PCIe wise with a single GPU on a riser. I am by no means skilled with metal or wood work so I'll see how this goes (hopefully it doesn't overheat in my case).
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mmh from my experience cardboard isnt gonna do it. The weight will crush it. The cheapest option would be a plywood structure, and a fiberboard mobo plate.
Be careful when installing the spacers in the fiberboard. You would better train with scrap.
You must paint or varnish that, because if you dont it will make a lot of dust.
I would go for black paint spray, two cans would do it, 10$ each its still kinda cheap.

You dont need a lot of skill, you just need to carefully plan and prepare everything. I started with woodwork with nothing else than common sense and a saw, and it was easier than it seemed.

Honestly, you cant go any cheaper than the chinese plastic boxes you can find for 30$;
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I make custom boxes for some of the things I ship. If you start with a good sized piece of decent material, cut carefully and bend it right, it'll look really good and will be very sturdy. I don't have pics of the last box I made but it was awesome. I lay everything out with a pen and large aluminum ruler first. I use a framing square to make sure I'm lining up the perpendicular measurements correctly. I cut everything with a very sharp fresh utility knife blade, punching straight down through the line to start with. For the location of folds, I take a medium Phillips screwdriver and press down and score the lines. Makes for neat tight bends. For sticking everything together, Super 77 spray adhesive works awesome. Spray it on both pieces, let it dry, then line them up carefully and press together.

My last box, I left the front face long with a bend at the corner to form a tab that went along the sides of the box. The side faces each were double length with a fold in the middle. On assembly, I folded the sides and front up 90 degrees, glued the tabs from the front onto the inside of the sides, then wrapped the extra long side over top making for a clean finish inside the box, and extra rigidity. If needed, I can sketch this out.
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I am sorry but LOL
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Originally Posted by Redeemer View Post

I am sorry but LOL

Yeah I know, of all the cheap builds here's this socket 2011 system. tongue.gif

The CPU was cheap ($180) but that was because it was an engineering sample. When I bought it I thought I could throw it in my Dell workstation at work.

That didn't work so well so I decided to do a new build with it with what little money I have to spare.
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