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z77x ud3h (1.0) random boot failure

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It happens randomly, and always get the same error, when it happens i always reconfigure again the XMP profile1, expert mode and finally disable the audio cause of my xonar D1. Not psu failure, tried with my old TX650 and my new xfx pro 850w, maybe the battery?

Previous log:
version 1.0 of that mobo, bios F11:
Everything was ok for 1 year and half, then i decided to install and... uninstall the intel HD drivers, that was the beginning of my curse or maybe thats just a coincidence. That day i replaced my old 6950 with a new ga R9 280x OC (2.0), got boot loops, cold boots, black screens. Then i tried the F18 bios since its the last no beta one and made some progress, this time the debug led only shows me the error 51 (initialization memory failure) whenever i want to enable the XMP with the dual channel, it rarely happens with one memory.

Now, about 2 o 3 per week ( i use my comp everyday and i turn it on/off 4 times per day) I'll get this message on the bios: error caused of.........bad configuration, cant rememer exactly and force me to choose between 3 options: enter bios, set default and boot, set default and reboot. The temporary solution of this is just to load optimized defaults then enter the bios and manually activate the XMP again with the expert mode and voila! until the next message error.

But... if i dare to disconnect everything the boot loops starts again so i'll ned to clear the CMOS with the mobo button and probably the system boot or won't boot, if boot that bios messasge will appear and i know what to do, if not i just need to boot with one memory, the four one counting from the cpu, when boots to windows 7, the next step i'ts to shut down and try again with the two modules and cross fingers to make it to the bios screen and config the XMP again.

Im sure this is a curse from ASUS, i always build my gaming rigs with that brand.
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