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The beta drivers were giving me hell so I switched back to the 13.12 drivers and everything is all good. I was getting red screens and extreme instability from those beta drivers, which was also the experience of my friend Fugger from XtremeSystems who is also testing the 290X L. He switched back to a different driver and it resolved his issues - One from MSI, which I think was the 13.12 as well. He has found that when overclocking supplying extra grounding seems to help his OC ( He is running 1400 at +300 on his Benching air setup (subzero ducted modded AC unit ) he is pushing 1450 and he is at 1700 on RAM. His 4770K is pushing over 6GHz 3D with a custom cascade LN2 solution. Plus I would say he is a pro at air cooling lol. If it involves modded AC units, ducting, K|ngp|n F1 pot, blow torch, and other electronics I think that is apt lol.

that's insane...although i admit i once thought of doing a custom AC cooling on these gpu cards lol...but the compressor should be placed outside the house or the wife will file a divorce ;-)

anyways, i'm just here to play and to know the limits of the card i own...lost interest in doing extreme stuff