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[Scratch Build] Project Commando 19 [new pics 20/03]

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Hello everyone

This is my first post (and not the last!) and it's about this little big project I've in my hands.

Today, I'll do a quadruple since I've already done a lot of progress on this build [and a LOT of changes ahahah xD]

I'm not a pro or whatsoever. Not building nor taking picture so, sorry in advance. I'm doing my very best to become better everyday

First of all, this is the list of components that will integrate the build:

MB - Asus Sabertooth 990fx
CPU - AMD FX-8150 [with corsair h100i]
VGA - 2 x AMD Radeon HD 7870 2gb, connected to a BenQ GL2460 (1920x1080@60Hz)
RAM - 16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 [corsair]
3 x 3.5 hdd
PSU - Corsair TX750
SLEEVING - Green Commando And Shade 19 from nils @ mdpc-x
COOLING - Air Cooling (there are no waterblocks for my GPUs frown.gif ) - Corsair AF120 (multiple)

My Zalman Z11 plus gave is "life" so I could use a little bit of her on this build.

And this is what I'm trying to accomplish (made with Sketchup and some components that are avaiable on the library):







Some changes may occur, since even tough I'm trying to follow that drawing, I'm always thinking on best ways to fit everything.

And now, this is what i got so far:

First, the Sleeving


(I love this colors biggrin.gif)

Some wires I've order to make the extensions

And the extensions all done biggrin.gif

(I've used the heatshrinkless way, that my friend Kasper Kragh advice me to try and I've to say, what a clean look it gives)

Even tough it's hard to see, here I've used fishing line (0.25mm) to keep the wires on the right place


And now, the STRUCTURE:

All made with Aluminium. When I got it (ordered on a local business), it came with some things that I've asked them to put, but at the end it was pratical and I removed them.

This is the struture when i've received it:




And this is the struture after i made some of the changes:



The diference?

Instead of the welding points, I replaced it with Rivets for a more strong structure and that way i was abble to place this panel of alluminium (that will be the same thing on the other side and infront):


Here you can already see the MB tray and here are some more shots before cutting



and the aftermath tongue.gif


BTW, rest in Pieces my dear Zalman Z11, who died to give a part of itself to this project :wave:

And here it is, already mounted on the main struture



You might now be asking "*** is that thing infront of the MB Tray?!"
But, even if you arent, I'll answer:

There, will be this little pieces:


They will be making sure that the cables stay on their place tongue.gif

Something like this (just took the pic to try them out)

Btw, for power and reset, this two want to make presence:


White led

And, for now, it's all that I have. I will keep this up-to-date but I'm warning now that I will not have A LOT of updates since this is under a very very low budget (and for now i cant buy anymore material A.K.A. Alluminium xD)

I'll do my best to take this to an end and hopefuly with a good building quality.

So, all the best for all of you and till the next update biggrin.gif
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Update nr. 2

A little bit of black ink to mark the cutting place:

And, with some kind of magic, here it is, all the cuts done and the plates already in place:

And a quick test

(yeah, i know, we can see the fishing line there, but I'm doing my best to hide it tongue.gif)

I'll have to reposition the alluminium bar where the CPU stands. Still studying tongue.gifbiggrin.gif
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Update nr. 3

y small SSD (only 60gb [for now ^^]) will be the only Hard Drive that will be seen on the case (The other 3 HDD will be hidden, but on a home made stand too (pics will be added too))

So, here it is the SSD Stand:

Preety nice eh? tongue.gif

Well, I've a little more of it biggrin.gif

The Power Cable!!! biggrin.gif

And now...

In the back of the SSD Stand you can see that alluminium piece, it will have the proper holes for the cable management

And now, the HDD stand:

At the moment, I do not know where I'll be placing it, but most likely it will be on the back, next with the PSU.

I've also made the cut for the H100i Radiator:

This last pic is just to show the bolts tongue.gif. Still thinking if I'll bolt this side panels or use rivets.
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Update nr.4

after a few long and warm minutes, became into this:

Lines? What are those lines for? :gasp::eh:


Tadaaaa biggrin.gif I've made some changes on the original design as you can see.

Instead of making the case all square, I've decided to try to bend the acrylic. I got to be honest with you, was left with some marks :facepalm: because of my "noobish" but, nevertheless, I'm pretty happy with the results. Maybe in a near future I can change it, but for now, it will work very well.

After those holes, I've cutted to the right (almost xD) size the first side:

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Update nr. 5 (and last for now)

So, what's new?

Some changes on the front window:

- Cuted the acrylic beetwen the fans. Why?! Because it broke a little (*****!) and because it looks better this way tongue.gif
- Placed that alluminium bars, so that way the acrylic stays on the right place!

Now the window opens up! biggrin.gif

Made a fan grill biggrin.gif (it will be painted)

Dont look at me that way wink.gifwink.gif

Also made a new HDD Holder.
This hdd will be on the back, next to the psu.

Testing it, not that noisy. It's on top of a 5mm acrylic plate.

Another part from Zalman, those rubers and screws that are holding the HDD in place, trying to minimize the noise (But i think i messed up. The rubber should be intouch with the hdd, right? xD)

One last thing, do you guys know what is the best way or product to fill this gaps?

Well, that's all for now. I'm dying to do a test fit but there are 2 problems:

- If I do the test fit, need to dismantle all my hardware, since this is the only hardware I've working atm
- Didnt made the PSU place yet :$ ahah

Well, wish you all a great evening and enjoy your life!
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Awesome looking scratch build man :thumb: cant wait to see more

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Originally Posted by Buttsy View Post


Awesome looking scratch build man thumb.gif cant wait to see more

Thanks Buttsy! It's been giving a lot of work, but it's getting together biggrin.gif. Today I'll do a big update smile.gif

Hello all.
So, for today, I have a little update. I know that the last update was a few days ago, but, I needed to place new orders and did some boring and time consuming stuff, so the update will not be very big lol.

But, enough words and lets go to the pics:

This, is the back side of the case biggrin.gif

Needed to place that aluminium there because on this part, there will be the psu (and since it's heavy and shakes a little because of the fan, it needs to have some suport, right? smile.gif )

Already screwed to the main frame. Dont know if i needed that much screws, but, better safe then hearing the PSU fall from it's place ahahah.

And, the "PSU" in place biggrin.gif

(that poor PSU was a NOX, a great PSU. But, one day it simply stoped working. I've opened it, and found the problem, blown fuse. I've looked for a new one. But, when i got home, didnt know where the PSU was. Talked to my father, and he did me the favor to totally dismantle the PSU ahahahah. Now the case it's the only thing left and sometimes it comes handy smile.gif )

Now, this mesh is for the PSU breathe. Still thinking if i place a Fan, helping the PSU for better air flow.

This thing... This will (hopefully) become a holder for a tunnel of air I'm imagining for the CPU cooler. It will have some bended acrylic, but I've to go buy some more, since I broke the one i had here tongue.gif

Anti Vandal biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif No one can destroy my baby muahahahah biggrin.gif

With a little bit more of light smile.gif

Here, i've already made the holes for the 8 pin cable (and some misc cables)

This one was not laser cutted tongue.gif and you can notice the diference for the other plates (The ones that have the 8; 6; and 24 pins smile.gif )

(a pic is missing [Forgot to take it :$] but it was a pic that shows the other plate [where the power cables and usb for the h100i pump comes out biggrin.gif ])

So, I made A LOT of unnecessary holes, so it's time to cover them tongue.gif

After the product dries I'll be sanding a lot (I'll let the struture ready for painting smile.gif )

And, the last pics:

Before Sanding the 19

I'll paint them black (And i'm still thinking how i'll put light behind it biggrin.gif )

So, for now, it's all I have biggrin.gif

Next update will be about after sanding and finally a test fit, just to see how it works biggrin.gif

Wish you a good night and hope you enjoy my little build. Bye bye smile.gif
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