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confusion reigns, please advise

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Hi guys
I wonder if someone can take pity on me and answer something
I have a 2700k that I think I've overclocked ok,it appears stable but on a software forum that I use, iasked a question regarding a problem I had with burn tests failing.
I can now get stable burn tests but one person told me that my voltage is way to high,but I have a feeling that he may be getting my v core and my cpu voltage mixed up, or at least I hope so!
I can get a stable 4.9ghz if I set my cpu voltage is set at 1.385v this under a prime 95 burn test gives me a v core of 1.48-1.50v under load is this ok or way to high .without prime95 running that shoots up to 1.568 and I get warnings so didn't leave it at that for to long.
I can get the piece of software to run at 4.9 with a cpu voltage at 1.380v this gives a vcore of 1.45-7v.

If its way to high how do I lower the vcore but keep the 4.9 oc
If I drop the cpu voltage to 1.380v the burn test fails
I'm a bit of a novice at this so not sure what balances what to get the oc up but bring the vcore down to a safe setup
many thanks
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forget the burntests.. use prime with minFFT 1344 and max FFT1344, 80% of your ram.
BUT before you do ANYTHING read the GUIDE(s) in my signature. Make sure you understand
everything and ask there.4.9ghz with 1.38 is VERY rare. Not every CPU takes the same
voltage for the same overclock. Also watch your temperatures with coretemp / realtemp
and HWmonitor.. do not allow the package to get hotter than 72°C and the cores should
be under 80°C for everyday use.

Here is the guide with everything you need

Edit: stay under 1.45 .. tho i know people using 1.5 for three years but this is just for a small
gain. i had mine on 5ghz at 1.46 but dropped back to 4.7 with HT at ~1.39v just because
i do wanna sleep a bit better..

Good luck!
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thanks smex
ok I've started droping the voltages and doing the burns,so far so good however I am still confused a bit about the cpu voltage and the v core voltage
in the how to part it says to manually drop the vcore voltage to 1.25v
I've looked everywhere on my bios for a manual way to drop the vcore but cant find anything the only thing that I can see that has any effect is the cpu voltage I've droped that to 1.25v this gives me a vcore of 1.472 at an oc of 4.7
any advice you can give would be great as I'm a real noob at this but willing to read up and learn
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Aaah.. VCore = CPU voltage biggrin.gifthumb.gif

I think for 4.7 you can go a good bit lower. Can you give me your hardware specs?
Did you understand how to set the CPU voltage with offset value ( if your motherboard supports that) ?!
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I'm not near the PC at the moment but
Ultimatly I'm trying to get it up to 4.9 but that's only to run a single program what hardware info do you need the mobo is an asus z68 I think and an i2700k and I have 8 gb of ram will update further when I get in
I've been playing around and can get 4.9 but the vcore under load is high
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ok at the pc now
not really sure on the offset part
just went to manual and put the various voltage attempt from there
As I said I started at 1.25v and worked up from there I've set the multiplier at 49 in bios
if I can get it reasonably stable I will probably use ai suite to drop it back when I'm not using the program that likes the very fast cpu clock or do it the other way round
thanks for the help on this
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No problem.. if your motherboard supports offset (gigabyte, asus, asrock and some other)
you can use the offsetvalue with C1E / Speedstep enabled and C1,C2,C3 disabled in the bios
to have 1600mhz in desktop mode and full juice when running things.

Please dont hase, make a nice cup of tea and read thru some guides or eventually watch some
videos until you have a better idea of what you are doing.
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no worries
As I said bit of a noob on this will be reading up on the offset especially to figure things out
glad to know that cpu voltage = vcore voltage though which might help me understand the offset + and -
just looking at it would I be in the right ball park to assume that if I had a cpu voltage of say 1.3v and a vcore running at 1.48v for example this would be a + offset of 0.18? I've not read anything just yet so might be going completely down the wrong track
anyway reading to do
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i thought this thread said, viewer discretion is advised lol biggrin.gif
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