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Why dont i have audio on my EVGA 750ti SC?

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im using my HDMI cable to hook my computer up to my surround sound and tv(ive tried both) and i dont get any audio. i had a 680 hooked up to my tv before and it worked just fine. please let me know what you think. also my drivers are up to date. thank you for the help.
Im also using windows 7
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First thing to ask is that are you sending picture in there too? That means if you have enabled secondary monitor too if it did not automatically do so... duplicate or whatever mode...
I would like to have a word too with stupid hdmi designers who thought that *1. HDMI cable should NOT be capable of using audio only signal!!!* So i need to enable mutiple displays if my receiver is alone and send picture in there too (so i get one screen more showing when doing print screen, or place it between one monitor and graphics to get hdmi audio..., but since it is still the only way to get uncompressed multichannel digital audio straight to the receiver, i have no other choice, even when having fourth screen enabled that i can't usually see is pretty problematic. And the sound stops when screens go to sleep mode too...
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yes im sending video and audio through the same HDMI cable just like i did with my 680 but now the 750 wont do the same thing
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right-click sound conrol on taskbar and select select playback devices, are you sending sound into right place, sometimes i had problems with that...or under volume mixer see what device it is sending sound to... some rarer cases had enabled onboard audio and hdmi audio to use different sound source, but since i have onboard audio disabled now all the time, i don't remember well...
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it shows it going to the correct devise but when i test for sound i dont hear anything.
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how do i turn off onboard audio so i can just use the audio from the video card. please let me know
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You might try restoring the defaults in the Nvidia Control Panel and on your audio device's control panel software if it has an option to do so. You might also set the volume mixer to show all possible outputs and make sure no active ports are muted. Can you see any visual indicators of audio being output when you view the volume mixer and play a sound?
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Easiest way is Device Manager, there is Sound, video and game controllers, right-click your sound card and select disable. (I have it disabled in bios so computer will not see it at all.) Probably Realtek high definition audio os something similar...
Might look under "Nvidia control panel", "Set up digital audio" too...
Just to be sure, you are not using any adapters etc and under playback devices put it *Set as default*?
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Now it doesn't list any playback devices like it did before. Does the 750 not have audio out? Also in the device properties under Jack information it doesn't show the HDMI cable it shows the black audio jack
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Well I figured it out. One of the drivers for the videocard didn't update until I went into devices and checked what "other devices" was it it updated and now it works. Thank you ever one for your time
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