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ThermalDesignPower and its calculation(doubt)

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I have a friend who wants to know how calculate his card`s tdp,he has a hd 6970 and he wants to replace the heatsink due to high temperatures(reference model),do you know any formula for its calculation when the card is oced?or the TDP is the maximum allowed heat transfer from the power input? Thanks
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I would test the card at slightly different voltages (+- .001) in a controlled environment and derive your own formula,

or if he is replacing the heat sync for cooler temps, more surface aria will dissipate more heat faster, and use some good fans

also you need to take into account the thermal compound used to transfer heat from the component to the sync.

Remember heat builds over time, run your tests for at least 12 hours to make sure your temps are stable
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The thing that there is a heatsi.k from arctic cooling wbich says 200w max tdp.and the hd 6970 is 250w
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So what do you need to calculate? You just said tdp is 250w.

Arctic Accelero Extreme will do the job.
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Only there is available the arctic cooling accelero single fan for his budget.the other is OOS and the tri-fan is way over his budget
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OOS means nothing to me. Could be Object-oriented scanning, occupational overuse syndrome, out of specification, out of school, etc.

Too bad but the simple truth is the 200w cooler is not big enough for his GPU.

There may be other ways to get better cooling.
What is his room ambient compared to air temp going into cooler at idle and load?
How long has it been sense it was cleaned?
He might find my sig links helpful.
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If we are talking about retailers.it means out of stock

But he lives in a hot place,and the ambient temperature is 25c with air conditioning and 31 without.

The heatsink that could choose is the Gelid ICY VISION but it requires an extra vrm cooling from another store
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Does the Rev A of gelid icy vision needs vrm enhancement kit or the Rev A isnt compatible at all?
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Gelid Icy Vision should cool very well. Assume you have seen Xbit review with both Accelero Extreme and Icy Vision:

So, what is the verdict? Gelid Icy Vision is a high-quality universal cooler that offers superb cooling efficiency, rich accessories bundle, simple installation, beautiful glowing fans and a 5-year warranty. It is a little behind Arctic Cooling Accelero XTREME 5870 in cooling efficiency and quite noticeably behind it in noise, however, it costs about $15-$20 less, which is an important advantage in the considered price range.

Among drawbacks we discovered with Gelid Icy Vision, we should point out the missing PWM control for the fan rotation speeds and a VRM heatsink, which is incompatible with the AMD Radeon HD 6970 and HD 6950 graphics accelerators. If the company fixes these issues without increasing the price of their product, it will make the new cooler even more appealing to those looking for efficient and quiet solutions. In any case, the today’s market of graphics card cooling solutions doesn’t have much to offer, therefore we are happy to welcome Gelid Icy Vision, which stands out positively among super-loud and inefficient reference coolers.

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You dont see that the rev2 needs a vrm cooling kit?so does the rev A?
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