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In an ideal scenario you'd be able to try out both switches for an hour or so in a usual typing scenario, as you probably can't do this I'd just be aware that although MX Browns have a tactile bump, it's fairly small, I've found that the bump is more useful for preventing accidental mistypes than for preventing bottoming out, so in that regard you could treat them almost as less mistype-prone MX Reds.
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I'm not really sure to be honest, I'm no pro.

I would say the main reason is because double tapping in SC2 can be absolutely devastating, doing it just once could lose you a game in certain situations. The tactile feedback that Blues and Browns give helps to stop that from happening.

Also, because you have that tactile feedback you can feel where the actuation point is, allowing you to make shallower, quicker key presses. Meaning you can actually be quicker around the keyboard, similar to typing.

Well i can fully agree with you in matter of bronze switches(its my personal use type). But blue thanks to acu/res points and that click are really like....slow.

but indeed - double click my be GG for sc player , never thought of that.
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Is Cooler Master CM Storm Trigger a good Cherry MX Brown keyboard?
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Yes, it's a good choice.
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One of mine had a... quality control issue. It is in the middle of a RMA process right now, but the V2 is now out and I'm sure they have fixed. (Sadly it is the red, I really liked the red)

Also, they were willing to go though with the process despite me having now proof of purchase, so even tho there was an issue, they worked with me a great deal to help me out, would definitely recommend the Storm Trigger.
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Not a single SC2 pro player uses reds, they all either use Browns or Blues. wink.gif

This is a generalisation at best and is not accurate. I know several SC2 pros who use red switches by choice, not by sponsorship contract or anything. The muscle memory of pros is extremely precise. Some people prefer linear switches, others require tactility. Some sit somewhere in-between and like browns or clears. I find my preference changes the longer I stick to one switch, but I am certainly not worse at starcraft on Reds; if anything they make it easier to game at high APM for longer, even vs Browns.
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