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its about time for me to pickup another HD to up my storage and I'm wondering what the best way to configure the setup is.

I'll start off with a couple questions.

anyone know a good way to use your PC for cloud storage/media access from an android phone?

can you SSD Cache Raid 0?

is it worth it to SSD Cache a storage drive? I have no use for the current SSD and if I don't use it for ssd caching I'll install it and use it for ...well I have no idea haha, or sell it.

oh and also, I haven't dinked around with Raid in ages, if I Can't find my same HD that I already have what do I need to look into doing for getting a drive to pair with it?

I have a 1TB Spinpoint that I'm currently using for storage and a Crucial C300 128GB that I'm not using

I'm currently debating on...

1. Add another drive and call it a day
2. SSD Cache 1 drive and add another drive
3. Raid 0 another drive with my current drive
4. SSD cache a Raid 0 (if its possible) I personally have no experience with SSD caching much less on raid

whats best performance wise?

Thanks guys/gals.