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This is how I have it planned out. Excuse the rough drawing. This was my fourth draft while doing it at work so it is a quick sketch and crossed out a few things. Let me know your opinions on the flow design. I made sure this would give me positive pressure but the only problem is the hot air from the 360 radiator being pulled in but the fan on the right should blow it towards the exhaust. The exhaust is a corsair AF 140 and the middle fan is also a AF 140 but the quiet edition. The 360 rad has the xspc fans and the 240 rad has corsair SP 120 PWM fans and the front are 2x140 nzxt fans. I have a ram fan on top of the ram so I used 45 degree angles on the cpu block to give some angle but not too much to hit the ram. The 360 has the benefit of bringing in cold outside air (I have a dust filter up there) and the 240 has the benefit of having cool air from the front fans. I am just worried about having the hot air from the 360 sitting in the case but maybe it shouldn't effect it too much since it is getting cold air from outside. Is it possible to have the left fan on the 360 rad exhaust right next to the 140mm exhaust fan and the other 2 fans of the rad bring in air? That seems plausible but not sure. Thanks smile.gif