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Review: Lutro0 Customs Teleios sleeve and ATX pin removal tool. - Page 2

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The weave is tight and woven well.
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A quick note on size.

I've noticed quite a variance in the high end sleeving products I've reviewed. Many of these are listed as 4mm, which is a good size for single sleeving 18 gauge wire. But there is quite a range within the 4mm plastic sleeving.

Starting with the smallest, Kobra HD is by far the least in diameter, although to be fair it is listed as being 1/8th inch. 0.125 inches is equal to 3.1750mm.

I have found the Kobra sleeve to be rather difficult to do fan cables with. It is OK for most general sleeving projects but I am sure I would choose something different for 16 gauge wire projects. It is similar in diameter to most paracord, although it stretches a bit more.

Next I believe would be Shak mods matte sleeve. It is slightly larger in diameter from the Kobra HD. Close to this would be the Conduit sleeve from ModBunker. Both of those are high quality sleeving products with their own merits.

Then I would say we have Teleios. This is slightly larger than the two previous products, however this is mostly by feel as a side by side comparison would not be very noticeable. This makes it very easy to work with and slides onto the cable like buttuh.

Then we have MDPC, in a class all its own. By far the largest 4mm I have seen. This is not a bad thing, it really fills the cables in nicely. The melting point is a bit different and it is rather stiff. For most 18 gauge projects I would prefer something a bit smaller personally.
However, I find this to be the perfect size for sleeving fan cables.
Some might think its a bit pricey for fan cables which will be mostly hidden anyway.

I think I would be just as likely to use the Teleios for fans as well. Particularly when making my own cables. I could wish there was a seperate size for fan mods, but again most folks would not care and stick all their cables behind the mobo.

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Here is a fan mod using the Teleios Green Fusion. Its a blend of the green and black sleeve, perfect for those nVidia fans out there.

I am using this to sleeve a brand new fan, which is an Enermax Vegas Quad 120mm. It has four different color LEDs, which is actually its most redeeming feature. I will have more to say about the fan itself, but we'll leave it be for now.

Generic black sleeve the fan was sporting intially

"As we see here Jim, the Anaconda is slowly digesting the deer. When it finishes, it will slink off to slumber somewhere safe where it will emerge to hunt again in 30 days."

Just did fit over the bundle of 4 pins from the connector encased in 1/8th inch heatshrink. Yes, the Enermax Quads are PWM fans.

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Next I went to work on some headphones. I live with several animals and over the last coupla years I've lost a few headsets to the varmints. I'm looking at the thin cable and thinking...

So there's a 3.5mm patch I need to get over, then towards the working end I've got a mic. The headphones are about as generic as they come, but suitable for this.

Red and black fusion, one of my favorites so far:

Gets over the connector well enough. Nice to see the sleeve does not becomes stretched or distorted, but retains its shape well.

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Next up, heatshrinkless PCI express cable.
Did this to fit a military style mod that I did for grins in my spare time. Utilizing Gray, Dk Gray, and Black Teleios.

The black in this first photo is some older sleeve that has worn out its welcome.

The sleeve stands up to heat fairly well, it melted quickly but it was easy to concentrate the heat right on the end. Below I took the sleeve all the way to that first notch in the ATX pin. Then I applied heat for about 2-3 seconds in order to get that perfect melt to cinch down on the next notch. You can see that the distortion of the plastic is limited to the area where it needed to be melted. This results in a cable where the sleeve won't accidentally pull out when manipulating the cable. Excellent qualities for single sleeve.

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DK gray, black and gray

And the other

Inside the case, I took some pretty lousy photos:

The case and cables are no longer being used as such. Regardless they served their purpose.
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Today we looked at LC Teleios sleeving, a high end plastic sleeving product for the modern modder. I found it to be easy to use and of the highest quality in terms of weave and color.
There are a number of good sleeving products available today, much more than say just 5 years ago. So what makes Teleios stand out?

1) Coverage- Nothing worse than ordering 300 ft of sleeve for a PSU project only to find black and other dark color wires bleed through. Even worse, using a black sleeve and everything else bleeds through. LC Teleios has excellent coverage in a variety of situations, and I found the wire color underneath to be virtually undetectable.

2) Size- There are competing products that vary in size, I found this one to be excellent for use with 18 gauge wire. I did not have any 16 gauge in stock, but it is a large enough size for those projects as well. It was able to go over 3.5 mm connectors with ease, but even better it was able to retain its shape and not become distorted afterward. Tight weave with no noticeable fraying.

3) Color and variety- Lutro0 customs color varieties included 20 different colors, even offering a few blends to mix things up. This is why I often turn to paracord for my projects, there's just a much greater variety of colors to choose from. Can't complain here, plenty to choose from and it is noteworthy that LC carries most colors to match popular motherboard designs. Also of note is that there are matching colors of 8mm sleeve available as well for SATA and USB cables, 9 varieties of 8mm sleeve currently available.

4) Availability- The LC sleeve is available in both the US, and Europe through partners E22. Some of us here stateside find ordering from Euro retailers cost prohibitive. And for the European market, its nice to have choices.

I enjoyed using Lutro0 Customs Teleios sleeve and find it to be versatile and a great jack-of-all-trades type of sleeve. Which is not to say ordinary or average; a lot of sleeving choices are trade-offs between good stuff and bad stuff. Some are too big, too small, lack sufficient coverage, or just not fun to work with. Teleios sleeve does most things very well.

Is it the absolute easiest sleeve to use? Almost I'd say but not THE easiest. Is it the stiffest? No, but that doesn't matter for most projects.

But what most folks want to know is: IS it the very best sleeve available today? That leaves a lot to personal preference, but I would say that it IS one of the best available.

You can order LC Teleios sleeve with confidence that you are getting an excellent product that is versatile enough to handle most things, including 18 gauge, 16 gauge, heat shrink style, heatshrinkless, and even fan cables.

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Nice review, about to start a project with that sleeve myself
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