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Hey guys tying to decide between these 3 cards the ASUS comes lower clocked than 780 Classy Asus - 954 & 1020MHz @ 699.99 ;EVGA 780 Classy - 993 & 1046 MHz @ 569.99 and EVGA GTX 780Ti SC - 1006 & 1072 MHz @709.99

EVGA has a full cover water block end to end on EVGA site and back plate for sale, ASUS comes with back plate but no full vga cover, I plan to overclock GPU and put it under water. What route do you guys think I should take even though ASUS has higher cuda cores and all cool equally well with stock coolers and I plan to run multiple 27" monitors down the road, but I am getting 1 now and 2 down the road same with GPU, 1 now and SLIing down the road. What r your thoughts? - ASUS 780Ti - EVGA 780 Classy - EVGA 780Ti
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