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The setup I listed before will place me at around $600 because I have a case/PSU so I would only need the RAM/CPU/Mobo/drives. It would not allow for DRAC/iLO, nor does it have a RAID solution nor options for SAS, iSCSI.

I am now seriously interested in a Dell c1100, 2x L5520 and 36GB RAM for $479 on ebay (also heard you can make an offer and get it cheaper). This unit seems like it fits my needs for a VM host; lots of RAM, lots of cores, a dual NIC, not super power-hungry.

However, I am concerned about a few issues with these units. They are listed on ebay as CS24-TY, which apparently means a Dell-built custom unit, that is apprently different from a normal C1100. Being apparently custom, the units have issues flashing BIOS/BMC updates due to the customized hardware. There is a fan issue with some of these units where the fan controller ramps up and down over and over, and this issue is resolved with a BIOS/BMC flash...They also do not come with a proper RAID solution, nor is the BMC a proper DRAC. Finally, Esxi 5.5 cannot be installed, it must be upgraded to from 5.1

Since tycoonbob has at least 2 of these units, and a few other OCNers own these, perhaps they can chime in about the issues. Are they a big enough deal that I would be wise to whitebox instead of opt for the c1100/CS24-TY? Or is the Dell unit far and away the best choice, even considering the issues? Would it be better to save up and purchase a different used Dell? (no way I will use HP, they won't support updates unless service plan)

Thanks for your replies everyone, I appreciate it!
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If you iLO into your average HP server the wattage it's pulling is between 300-500watts when it's under full load. They are quite energy efficient. HP servers aren't very noisy either except at the initial startup when it does the fan test.

I have 2 DL360 G7 series HP servers in a rack loaded up with 2 SAS a pop and a Synology NAS/SAN hanging out under it that I run a ton of VMs off of for a business of mine. It's pretty quiet when the doors open. I have a short APC NetShelter that is almost soundproof but it's not loud when the doors open either. I think my switches fans are louder. wink.gif
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