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EDIT: I own the Sapphire radeon hd 6570 ddr3 1GB model

Here is the original post with details and links to things that may help you on helping me I found so far on an ASUS line model.

I am really just needing to know how and if it's safe to up volts from 1/1.1v to 1.2-1.3v

I think this will make it stable around 845core/1000mem and high of 900/1200 from what I have read on diff sites.

MSI Afterburner fails, but I was also wondering.. skipping the Vmod if it's not possible to maybe flash bios on this card and unlock voltage that way and retry MSI Afterburner....

Really just looking for ALL possible options to get this card to at least 800/900 stable core/mem, I would be happy enough with that but really wanted to push this card as far as I can without lowering it's lifespan. Since temps are very reasonable never hopping over 59c even on 900/900... i think upping volts might stable this thing out.

Is it trying to pull more power than possible and then glitching out on me?