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I have the G.Skill TridentX 2400Mhz 8GB Kit, on a Z87X-UD3H board and i5 4670K,

The kit is Double-Sided and has a great performance of 35/37/34GB/s Read/Write/Copy in AIDA64 Benchmark, the kit can also clock to 2600Mhz with voltage but is not very stable at that level.

When loading XMP1 of 2400Mhz the kit is unstable in two ways, the most annoying is that it makes OSX freeze every few hours, by running memtestOSX it produces errors and show that data in memory changes when running at 2400Mhz 10-12-12-31 CR2 1.65v, it also produce memory_management BSOD in windows but less frequently, like once every week or so.

If i run this kit on 2133Mhz 9-11-11-30 1.65 it is rock solid and all the symptoms above disappear.

I deemed the kit defective and ordered another identical kit of a newer production, when i received it turned out to be a Single-Sided kit, i said ok let me test it and see, the kit turned out to be rock solid at 2400Mhz by just loading XMP1, but there is a catch, the kit turned out to be 1) significantly slower than the double-sided kit, and 2) is very dull and can not move a bit over 2400Mhz and can not run on CL9, it is 3GB/s Slower than the double-sided kit which brings all benching scores down.

I compared Geekbench scores of the Double-sided kit running at 2133Mhz with the Single-Sided kit running at 2400Mhz and it turned out that the double-sided one is superior to the single-sided one even at 2133Mhz vs 2400Mhz for the SS.

That means that when running the double-sided on 2133Mhz it has a higher bandwidth by about 1.5GB/s than the single-sided running at 2400Mhz

another thing to add to the mix is that, when running at 2133Mhz my CPU requires only 1.85v to run stable at 4.2Ghz and of course has great low temps on air of below 70c under stress, when running the CPU on 2400Mhz RAM on 1.85v it gives BSOD after few hours of stress with Bug Check 0x124 and it requires around 2.4v to be stable which brings the temps up to 85c+ which is very high.

Now i have the two kits and i would like to keep one and return the other, the question is which one to keep? keep in mind that if return the Double-Sided kit i have it will be impossible to get my hands on another.

1) Do i keep the double-sided older kit, run it at 2133Mhz on 1.6v which will give me a similar performance of the single-sided kit running at 2400Mhz 1.65v and this will benefit by lowering the voltage on my IMC while achieving the same bandwidth, also this would allow me to maintain the low 1.85v for my CPU while remaining stable and thus benefit from lower temps? the down side of that is that i will keep a kit advertised at 2400Mhz which can not run at it rated speed and voltage, just because it has higher bandwidth


2) Keep the single-sided and Dull kit that does not overclock a bit and is 3GB/s slower, because it provides stability and ease of setup because all that is required to run it is loading XMP1 and that is it, i lose significant performance and overclocking headroom for the sake of stability. and i lose the chance to own the double-sided because it seems to be very rarely manufactured.


3) Get another non-G.skill kit that is known to be double-sided for example Corsair Vengeance Pro (i do not know if it is DS or not so i am asking)?

BTW, i also tried the Kingston HyperX Predator of 2400Mhz 11-13-13-30 and it has even worse performance than the Single-Sided TridentX, it could overclock easily to 2666Mhz at 1.65v but surprisingly the overall bandwidth gets worse, only write performance improves from 35Gb/s to 38Gb/s but, read and copy becomes much worse and dips below 30Gb/s

I am very confused because if i let the Double-sided TridentX kit go and have it refunded, i think will never be able to get my hands on another Double-sided TridentX because it seems that they are not being produced anymore.

What should i do? keep the Double-Sided kit and run it at 2133Mhz or return it for a refund and keep the newer production SS kit that is slower but stable?

Please advice,
Thanks smile.gif
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