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Deathadder 2013 Serial number

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I tried 3 different DA 2013 and they had a problem with the right click, like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7HSstSm4Zc
Turns out the serial number should start with "PM", all those 3 mice started with "SI". Synapse works normally, recognizes a DA2013, DPI works, Enotous mouse test shows 5.6m/s (not something you will expect from a fake mouse), except the surface calibration that gets stuck if I try to use it.
So guys, please po:thumb:st the first 2 characters of your DA2013 serial, and if it is "SI" like mine, does it have the weird loose right mouse button?

Updating : Razer said it isn't fake.

Hi there,

For the new version of Deathadder, the number are legit and this is this mouse is genuine

Thank you

Best Regards,
Razer Support Team
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PM is beginning of s/n number - at least in European Deathadders.

If u bought on e-bay /amazon u might have bought fake one. There is thread somewhere on ocn forum how to distinguish one from another.
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bought from a local Israeli store
I really wonder how they bothered so much to do a good fake with a good sensor that reaches 5.6m/s, but couldn't use a normal right click switch and couldn't even make the S/N look like it should ?!
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So maybe for that market is diffrent S/N. Razer pay attention to monitoring how goods are going around the world. I would not be surprised if SI is ok on ur market.

Btw those fakes i mentioned earlier are very poor quality/performance, so if you have over 5m/s its not fake for sure
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I talked to the customer support manager of the local store and he said they buy from another country, not from the official Israeli distributor... I asked razer support email to confirm my serial number (sent them the full s\n) and they said -

Hi there,

Thank you for the reply. The serial number starts with PM1234567811111.

Please fill in the details below for us to check it:

Serial number:
Product number:

Looking forward for your reply

Best Regards,
Razer Support Team
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Soo.... eithner they bought fake somewhere... or not sure. in your place id return it and buy from shop that is supplied by local distributor not some grey market shiet
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It's not "some grey market shiet" ... It's a very big network here, they got like 15-20 different shops in different cities ... I believe they have been scammed. So no one has an SI serial number DA ?
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All Razer serials I have ever seen start with PM. And I've bought a lot of their mice.
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Something interesting I found yesterday and forget to tell you - I found another guy with an "SI" serial number and he has a faulty right click too! like the 3 "SI" DA2013 I tried !
And also the rest of the DA2013 with the same product no (there are a lot of different product numbers for DA2013) had a "PM" serial number... so if it was a specific batch with "SI" serials I'd expect it to have a unique product number.

Some other thing that I'm not 100% about - you can see that most of the DA packages has 2 lines of text in each of the green boxes - http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTAyNFg2NTU=/z/YW0AAMXQEgpTE-t0/$_57.JPG
I'm talking about the boxes saying 6400dpi, improved side grips, synapse 2.0 ...
Mine has only 1 line of text on each box.
I found an ebay seller with 1 line of text in those boxes - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=201039610675&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123
Asked him for the serial of the mouse from the picture, and it starts with SI !

I still haven't got an official word from Razer support email - will update when I do.
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This shop my not be aware of havin fake goods. It's not like they do it intentionally(or at least they turning blind eye on some fishy things).

Return it while you can and try to find different source.
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