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I5-4670k Temperatures

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Hey everyone, I recently built my pc, and I'm wondering if my temps are stable:

CPU: I5-4670k
Cooler: Hyper 212 Evo
Case: Bitfenix Prodigy

36 Degrees at Idle

57-65 Degrees on Crysis 3 Max

60 Degrees on Unigine Heaven 4.0

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They seem a bit high,but reseating and cleaning the heatsink and ihs should lower a bit but for ocing you will need to delid the cpu
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what thermal paste did you use?
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I used some Arctic Silver. I applied a small dot in the center of the cpu.
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check my guide in the TIM post and see how good is each application of TIM.Also I would delid first
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question is if you overclocked it or not. if it runs on stock ghz/volts then it's high as i have the very same cpu but stock cooling.

My i5 is overclocked tough from 3,4 to 3,7ghz not big oc but it's on stock lol.
idles: 30-32 C
high usage: 55-60 C

I think you applied too low amount of thermal compound. Ive got mine spread all over TIM, try to put more tp then spread it like butter with some very soft plastic (i used my shopping points old card) it was very soft on edges so no scratches and stuff, i did it so far few times smile.gif


Important things i think for every OC guy that many seem to not do it.

Go into control panel -> power managment -> select hi performance option-> go into advanced -> find processor power managment -> set minimum processor state to 50%.

It will make your cpu much cooler by running on lower speeds when it's not too much of use and going up to 100% of it's performance when it's actually needed. This way most of the times it wont even run on stock speeds but actually it will go below them! Ive done it with my cpu and it sometimes run on 1,8 ghz (windows 8.1 few stuff running in bg, browser and stuff) it will also expands your cpu lifetime by running slow when you don't need speed.

It's like with bikes. Their proper speed is 60km/h but if you will drive slower than this for a longer time it will overheat itself cuz the rpm is too big for too small speed. It's kind of example that imo suits the situation. If you oc and make it run like this all the time even if not needed you just gonna put not needed stress on ur cpu when you can just avoid it.
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Ah i see. And no I haven't oc'ed yet. I got an Nzxt Sentry fan controller yesterday and added one more fan. I can only have 3 case fans with the drive bay (anyone know how to get more?) I also swapped my PSU fan with a silent one. My idle temps dropped to 29-30 degrees and my load temps dropped to 50-55 degrees.
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check ebay/online stores for 3pin fan power adapter, as far as i know you can get from 2x1 to 5x1

Also keep in mind that best to connect cpu fan into motherboard as your motherboard is the best cpu measurer thus it will automatically set your cpu fan speed as the temp lowers/raises. Rest of them connect into the controller.
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Yea, i have enough headers, but if the case has the 5.25 inch bay installed (for the fan controller) i can have a total of 3 case fans. I also dont have a fan connected to my hyper 212 evo atm, because i couldn't get it to fit with the gpu. I am currently thinking of a way to mount it.


I also see you are a mini itx brother! Teach me your ways wise one! Also we share the same motherboard: z87n-wifi. How does your cpu cooler's heatsinc fit with your graphics card installed?
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it's stock one this roundy intel bastard :f it's about half cm space from gpu to heatsink lol. Im getting h100i in this or next month. I think watercooling is a miracle for mini itx's and everyone should get some, even those single 120mm ones, they are better than stock, takes low space and lets you oc to at least 4,0 before getting too hot smile.gif
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