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Nah I am not going to use it as a server anymore, I am using it as a full time internet and gaming machine biggrin.gif In fact I am on it now. I call this case The Monster as it is really huge, my mum thinks so. lol that cable there is actually a cable for a USB thing at the front of the case, it connects to a card I found in this machine to add more USB ports, and also I was thinking of adding a wireless card into this with two antennas so I can get wireless all around the house and probably even at McDonalds. haha just imagine seeing me do gaming at McDonalds, I've seen people bring their full office or home PC set ups to McDonalds before. One guy even had this old ass laptop with a parallel printer and external keyboard etc and was working there. I should definitely take a new photo of the case but hey it is standing on top of a Commodore 1541 floppy drive. lol