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Originally Posted by psyclum View Post

the 330R has a HSF clearance of 170mm so you should be fine for most of the HSF currently on the market.

as for what mobo you have, do you at least know what brand the mobo is? it's usually printed somewhere on the board. even if you don't know the model of the board, most manufactures place their CPU socket at the same spot across different models so we should be able to deduce whether you'll have clearance issues with the PCIe slot or not.

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Originally Posted by theblade1 View Post


hehe that's a RoG board. ASUS specifically design their ROG boards to match the highest performance gear on the market so there shouldn't be any problems at all. most high performance HSF manufactures also use ROG board as a reference when they make their heatsinks so that's double assurance there smile.gif in fact, in trade shows like E3, computex, etc... the most used board to debut a new heatsinks on a build are ROG boards smile.gif
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How about the PH-TC14PE? I like it.
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I think Vengeance Pro is 44mm tall. The number with the * after it is the CPU to bottom fin of cooler. Add 5mm to that measurement to know how tall the RAM can be.

RAM + 3mm = distance from motherboard.to bottom fin.
CPU clearance + 8mm = distance from motherboard to bottom fin of cooler.
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Look at NH-D14 RAM compatibility: link
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NH-D14 has 44mm bottom of fins to CPU + 8mm to motherboard = 52mm motherboard to fin
Vengeance Pro is 44mm tall + 3mm for socket = 47 mm motherboard to top of RAM
52mm - 47mm = 5mm RAM to bottom fin thumb.gif
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With tall ram
Silverstone Heligon he01 and Cryorig R1 and the new Raijintek Nemesis

With low ram
Akasa Venom Medusa or Thermalright SilverArrow SB-E extreme
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