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Originally Posted by PsyM4n View Post

If you don't need any legacy PCI slots you can try MSI GD45 plus. It needs a BIOS update before supporting Ivy Bridge E processors though.

For x79, MSI's X79A GDxx boards are the most reliable you can get.

Thanks a ton for the recommendation. I gave some rep points. It's really looking good so far. Time will tell obviously.
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Just to update my progress for anyone who runs into this thread in the future...

my system is running fantastically at this point in time. Literally every aspect of the system feels quicker, snappier, and more stable. SSD feels like it's going at the speed it should be going at. No real lag. Programs open/close with more stability and don't seem to really get hung in the task manager like they previously would. My music projects are running smoother than prior. I have a modest overclock of 4.2ghz at 1600mhz... it's rock solid stable. I haven't pushed it... bc I don't want to force it to break... 4.2GHz is fine... no failed overclocks on startup to date. I would randomly get a failed overclock at 4.2 on my P9X79 Pro.

I'm ready to call it.... this is a great freakin board. No complaints.. no issues... it's just rock solid. I like the fact that it has less features... fewer things to get stressed up.. very few third party controllers if any... great buy. 3930K runs at a good temp with the overclock.. no scares. Boot time is quicker w/ the same SSD.
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Yeah, the gd45 doesn't have any extra sata or firewire controllers. It's just the x79 pch peripherals, audio, lan and the usb 3 controllers.

The gd65 has more peripherals but is has slower usb 3 controllers and the price is quite high compared to the extras it has.

The GD45 relates more to the simple P9X79 in terms of extra peripherals.

Of course with the GD45 you have all those LEDs all over the board that show you how parts on the board are doing. It has a few voltage reading points too if you want to do more hardcore overclocking. tongue.gif

Hope you're having fun with it!
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Yeah man... USB3 isn't a concern for me BTW, so I can't really comment on it's performance vs my prior board. It could be all USB2.0 for all I cared haha.. music gear & controllers are still primarily USB2.0 so... no love lost.

So yeah.... first positive experience I've had w/ a mobo, so felt compelled to update this. I'm on my 4th. 1st one was a chepa Asrock on AMD that actually never gave me significant problems, 2nd was a used RIVF.. died and took a CPU with it... then the P9X79 Pro busted PCI controller. Hoping this one goes the distance... it's looking good!
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