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i have a silverston sg05 and once triyed to shorten cable by cuting them down and re crimping them i didnet have the proper crimper i had normal electrcal crimper witch seem ok but nothing worked the cable would not stay in the metal crimp and the crimp would stay in plastic bit but wouldent stay that still all ways off squar ,off center
i found sata be sooo good thow it just opend up take cable out cut off wot u dont need put cable back in close sata conector no striping wire no crimps
dose any one know if u can get same idea conector for rest off psu bits

i think im going to by a falty psu of ebay or sumet to get new wire''s an conectors and then solder to psu
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Did you cut the wires a couple of inches from the connector so you can splice them back together with solder and heatshrink tubing?

You really need to use the correct crimping tool for those connectors, something like this: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103683

Next time, consider doing only one wire and see how it works out before doing any more. If you choose a redundant wire, like a ground wire, and something goes wrong with the crimp, you may not even have to repair it (but do cover the bare wire with heatshrink tubing).

Better yet, don't do any more tonsil transplants. (not necessary or beneficial, unlike kidney transplants)
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