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Hey all...

Posting because of these issues I've been having. I run a Core i3-3240 with an ASUS P8Z77-m PRO motherboard. Stock Intel cooler didn't even come with a copper core, so I swapped it for one that came with an i5 I'm not using. So I'm pretty sure that the bearings are going out in the Intel cooler, due to it making this annoying buzz noise when it gets in the higher RPM range. I have a CM Hyper 212+ that's been sitting collecting dust, so I tore apart my PC and installed it. Proper thermal paste application (Artic Silver 5), and properly screwed down. Pushed the Power button, and it powers up. No POST though. Ran through MemOK! tests, nothing. Everything lit up, fans spun, no beep. Pulled the cooler off, it posted. Weird, I thought to myself. Pulled off the back plate, only to see solder dots, as if it was shorting the back of the motherboard. To confirm this, I did a mock up install, and sure enough it was shorting the back of the motherboard. I thought this was really odd because there was plastic insulation on the back plate. I hit up Google, only to see that this is apparently a common issue with ASUS motherboards being picky about back plates. I'm saving up for an H75, I just have to cope with the annoying buzz noise. I'm just glad my stuff is okay, phew. Feel free to share your story or solutions! smile.gif