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-I just posted this in the AMD - BIOS forum but I think it would be better to ask this question here as I see afew RAID related topics around. Guess mods can delete the other one, sorry-

Hello gentlemen, I just got two brand new 3To hard disk and thought I'd RAID these in my gaming rig, backup whatever I want to keep with their help and reinstall clean with 3To of RAID1 to enjoy, however I'm having some trouble getting everything to work.

First, the RAID setup on this mobo is unlike everything I've seen so far, maybe not that weird but basically, I have 8 SATA ports. Until now it's classical stuff, the first six are AMD, the last two are Asmedia. But if I enable RAID it enables it on the first four AMD SATA. So basically I've plugged my SSD and DVD drive onthe the SATA one and two, the two hard drives on three and four, and another hard drive on SATA 7 (Asmedia).
Got a bunch of blues screens and realized I obviously needed to put my SSD and DVD on SATA five and six. So I changed it, rebooted and I still got blue screens when Windows starts as long as I set SATA 1-4 to RAID. If I disable RAID it's all good, tried switching the RAID thing to UEFI, setting up my array before attempting to boot into Windows, still don't works.
It doesn't stay onto blue screen by the way, I got a BSOD flash and the PC reboots instantly.

If it helps, the PC is in my signature, and the drives are Seagate Barracuda 3To.

Any ideas ?