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Hello. I have bough last week a new Toshiba notebook which has Windows 8.1 preinstalled on it.

I have noticed a problem that seems other came also on the same issue. When i watch images on a non profile managed software, the images look fine. Once i import them on Lightroom or Photoshop, the images get a yellow tint.

The problem and a possible solution is also described here
This is what i mean:

Unfortunately i have tried to add sRGB on my profiles but even after restarting i did not see any change. From what i have noticed the operating system did not have any profiles set at all before.

I know that selecting an sRGB profile is not a great solution and i should rather calibrate my monitor.

The question is why don't the profiles take any effect on my notebook monitor, no matter which one i choose.

Thank you in advance

PS. I know that the VGA has nothing to do with the profiles, but keep in mind that notebook monitor is attached with the Intel HD vga graphics of the processor