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that's interesting, as i said i haven't done extensive testing so my knowledge might not be the most trustworthy. Have you tried having one exhaust?
Yes, I have. Sometimes it works better with an exhaust fan on the back. All depends on the case, components, component placement, HDD cage and HDD placement, etc. Even where the case sets can be critical. There is a short tutorial link in my sig that might help.
Think of air flow and currents as water in a small stream. Just moving the rocks around a little can make major changes in where the water runs fan sand where is slows to a near standstill.
Or wind blowing through weeds, bushes or fence causing dirt or snow to pile up. Consider how much turbulence a sata cable can cause.or the 6 cable bundle going to GPU.

The Silverstone link in post 10 shows turbulence around round wire and flat grill.

Puget Systems tested several grill patterns.

Here are some images on air around a cylinder.

Notice how these patterns are similar to water around obstacles in a stream.. Air moves the same way.

Google "air turbulence images" or "water turbulence images" for more.
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Ineresting, thanks for the info. And op, report your results when your fans come in! smile.gif
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Seems the fans are delayed with sipping, should come in saturday
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