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App creator tools

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Hey guys,

I'm not great at coding, however I really want to create a simple Android/iPhone app. I have been browsing around looking at app creation tools and there are so many I am a bit lost.

The app I want to create will be a list of different whiskys, and when clicked will open a new page with notes,pictures etc. It should be extremely simple to create.

Do you guys have any suggestions on creations tools for something like this? I would prefer it to be free.

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It's not often you find someone in your location that likes Scotches. Most of the people I've met / spoken to from your neck of the woods tend to be Bourbon drinkers.

re your question, I tend to avoid app creators as they traditionally have poorer support / performance or require writing some code to fix core parts anyway, so it often works out easier to write the whole thing from scratch. However your app sounds relatively simple so you probably could get away with a creator.

The best I've heard about it one of Adobe's tools (I think it was part of Flash?) but that's obviously not free. But I don't have much experience here to be quite honest.

Best of luck with your project though, and as another keen whisky drinker, I could see myself using this app. smile.gif
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