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So PC GAMERS, where are you wonderful emulator loving brotha's and sista's at!

More specifcally, any of you have any tips for me. I'm having issues optimizing an HD 7870 with Dolphin, while the card is physically about %30 faster than my old 6950, my old configuration in Dolphine 3.0 is not working to well with my new card, getting some bad FPS and more importantly, the GPU is only taking on about 40% max load, my 6950 would max out around 90%

Non the less, switching to Dolphin 4.0 today [some revision of it anyways] and going to optimize the DSP LLE re-Engineered files today as well. Any of you pc gamers have some tips for me biggrin.gif or care to share some of your pretty 1080p screen shots ^^

atm though my pc is a

i5 3550k @ 3.8
HD 7870 @ 1200 [core] 1250[memory]
8Gbs Ram 1600mhz