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Briefly, I used my WRT54GL running Tomato v 1.28 for over a year but my new landlord won't allow access to his Linksys E1000. Version 1.28 only allows WPA2 Personal w/AES in AP mode. Really want to use that security. So I bought a Netgear N150 and set the 'Tom' as an AP off the E1000, using the above security (on another channel & SSID).

I calculated the E1000's address range but I cannot set the N150 as a bridge (no 'other operation mode' like Netgear's APs) and it's driving me crazy. I thought most modern routers could be set to bridge mode. Some posts elsewhere state turning off DHCP on this N150 sets it to bridge mode but I don't think so.

I'm trying to use a router/device instead of a nic for my pc. The E1000 is only 30' away. Have an On Connection brand router ordered but no idea how their interface will fare. I wonder if anyone can recommend another router (cheap yet functional), AP, game adapter that has bridge mode and plays with the E1000 or my Tomato firmware, no dropping. Figure $ for $ might as well invest in a router. Someone somewhere recommended a TP-Link TL-WR842ND for another issue and that also has print server capabilities.

I think I got it re: nomenclature. The latest tangent is Access Control using MACs but all I really want is transparent addressing from the main baby, the E1000. Updating Tomato is a last resort.

Thank you vy much for any help w/settings etc.