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Whose gonna invent the vertical lazy susan / case clamp system...?

I can't imagine doing that on the Enthoo....with everything in it, must weigh 80 pounds. Luckily I was able to use both hands ....while keeping the PSU switch at hand .... well note exactly at "hand" .... at all times..... used this handy lil bugger (at $20 one of my nest investments evah) .... and a foot switch from wifie's XMas tree stuff. I could tip and hold w/ both hands and turn on / off power at will before any big bubbles got near the pump.

Now don't go thinking I was brilliant or anything thinking this idea up.... the dude from Singularity Computers swears by em.

AC to DC Adapter - 110V AC to 12V DC Converter w/ Standard 4 Pin (5000mA Max)

I have this from a HDD USB testy thing. Horrible messy mess of wires. But its that exact 12v PSU.

I now use one I molex'd meself, its a switchable one, goes from 5v output to 24v output. Threw it together after my first loop assembly because my pump is rated at 24v.