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i4770k and Asus Maximus VI Hero

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Hey guys. I'm trying to OC my new 4770k on Maximus VI Hero board with Noctua NH-U12P SE2 cooling and G.SKILL RipjawsX DDR3 2x8GB 1866MHz CL9 ram. I updated the bios to 1301.

So here with the questions:
1. When on defaults, everything on auto my V core and U core are set to 1.2V. According to CPU Z when the load is max (OCCT) it goes up to 1.316 (or something like that) which seems WAY too high. Does that even make sense? The temperatures are also very high (~95). When I set 1.2 manual everything seemed fine (tested for like 15-20 min) and got max temp ~80-85). What the hell is wrong with stock voltage here?

2. I wanted to get just 4.2Ghz but I'm unable to. I tried setting 42 multiplier on all cores with 1.25-1.28V manual and 1.28 started working pretty good, but I got a 124 BSOD while playing. With Voltage around 1.25 and lower I get BSOD in stress tests in less than a minute. I tried both stock ram speed (1333) and XMP (1866) - no difference (voltage 1.5V all the time too). Ram test also didn't fail when I tried it. I tried getting ucore voltage higher (up to 1.27), leaving the ucore freq at 39 multiplier (though auto did the same afaik) - nothing. Also I tried adding 0.1 V to digital and analog I/O voltage - nothing.
Also, on auto or adaptive setting for voltage it seems to crash 100 times faster than on manual, but I suppose this is normal for stress tests?
Any ideas how should I do it?

3. 4.1 Ghz works fine (10 min in OCCT with max C 85, I'll try at least an hour after work) with... 1.22V. And I just guessed when I set it, maybe 1.21 or lower would work too. Why in the world 100mhz more needs like 0.7V more?

I suppose it is impossible to get a chip THAT bad? If 4.2 needs so much voltage why 4.1 need so much less? I don't even care about the high temperature - I don't want to get more than 4.2 and it will be fine, but I want 4.2 stable..

What am I doing wrong here?

I also read on this page uncore should be at 35 not 39 for starters.. should I try like 1.25V and 42 vcore 35 uncore? What are the chances it will succeed?
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I don't think you are doing anything wrong I think you just got a crappy chip... all I can suggest is to try 4.4 or 4.5 1.35v my asrock doesn't like but specific blks

either that or you have a crappy chip if you can return and get another one.. or you can try a delid
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The Power control units on these chips will boost the core voltage up to 0.1V when AVX load is detected, like OCCT produces, when in adaptive or offset mode (default) , I believe this is because these high synthetic loads just require more core voltage. Most people stress test with AVX, like OCCT, with manual vcore setting, because with manual, by definition, you will not see this boost. They then set their adaptive mode based on the manual results.

I get decent results @ 4.2 GHz by setting the VCCSA (System Agent) offset to 0.05. With that I can get a stable overclock with a vcore of 1.216V under an AVX load.
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