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Thanks a lot!

on the motherboard - does anyone have a view on whether the triple-slot GPU will fit in the mATX mobo leaving a PCIe slot free for the wireless card? I can't work out if the GPU takes up three slots by using the two slots either side of where it fits into the mobo - or two slots above where it connects - or below - if that makes sense!

I think it will as the PCIe x16 is the first of the four slots.

The other q is whether there's an equivalent mobo you'd recommend that has all PCIe slots - the D3H has 2 PCI slots, which seems a bit outdated now... apart from that, though when I searched around it seemed to be a recommended motherboard. I'm considering MSI H87-G43 mobo, which is the same price - any other recommendations?

The ASRock H87 Pro4 is £15 cheaper - any thoughts on that board?

Finally - if I use the graphics card in the PCi x16 slot, and the wireless card in the PCIe x4 slot, will that throttle the graphics card? I have read some mobos will drive both cards at x8 / x8 or divided in other ways if more than one PCIe slot is used. Hope this makes sense - thanks!
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Ok, I have done some tweaking in response to feedback you guys have given and my continued trawling the web to refine things.

Here is my current build. I downgraded the processor slightly to 4570 as if I am not overclocking, I've read I won't really notice the speed difference.

I have changed the motherboard to Asus, which I understand is a good manufacturer. I am also concerned about the GPU, which takes up three slots (and is heavy). I wondered if this would be a problem with a mATX board, leaving me very limited in the future, which caused me to rethink a little.

So my decision with the board comes down to the mATX Asus H87m-E or full-size Asus H87-PLUS. I could consider equivalent alternatives, but Asus is generally a high quality brand, I understand. I need room to fit a PCIe wireless card as well... on the mATX board, this would basically mean all the PCI slots were used up.

Any recommendations? Thanks
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Your current build in the above post is great. Get the Full size Asus H87-PLUS. As I can see from your link it has a pcie x16 slot for the GPU you want (gold long pcie slot). If you look you can see there are 2 pcie x1 slots (smaller gold slots) which are pci-express x1, which is what you need for your Wifi card. If you use the smaller pcie x1 slot above the pcie x16 slot for your Wifi card, there will be no problem fitting your 3-slot GPU.

My motherboard has a similar setup whereby I use the PCIE x1 slot above my GPU slot for my Wifi card.
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