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Hello, my next build I want to do a custom loop which will be my first ever and was wondering about a pump and res combo with this reservoir:
Now the case I will be using is a NZXT phantom 820 with a triple rad 45mm thick with gentle typhoons (AP-15) on it and a 240 rad 45mm on the bottom with the same fans pulling.
I have a concern, that the 250mm tall res with a pump under it with a male to male linking them will be too tall for the case with a bitspower single rotary 90 degree going to the cpu block.
so would it be smart to go with this res with side ports:

Also Rad info:
240 rad will be same model.

I will probably be going SLI with 780 ti or waiting for maxwell cards. CPU: 4930k Motherboard probably a ASUS rampage black edition.

tubing: primochill advance LRT retail onyx black 3/8 5/8 , ModMyToys Carbon Fiber Enhanced Compression Fittings black chrome.

Also, pumps that you would recommend would be appreciated and any advice, Thank you. biggrin.gif
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