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I have a gtx 780 evga factory superclocked version. Im using a seasonic x650 powersupply gold rated

Now the issue is this, ill make a vid tomorow, but heres my settings:
i have voltage to max at +38mV and powertarget thing (cant figure out what this actually does except its used to gpu boost 2.0) at 106 %

now when i a furry benchmark, whenever i decrease the fan speed it is running at 60 percent the core clock will be at 888mhz and 1000 MV and will stay like that, now without changing anything i will take fan speed to 100% and it will go down to 823 MHz and 949 MV

now idling the fan can be put to 100 percent and the voltage doesn't drop. So *** is with this card? should i watercool it so i dont need onboard fan?

now i know why the core clock is going down because the voltage decreases, but why is the voltage decreasing? is that normal for the gpu fan to use more power so the gpu has less power? I have it overvolted to the max. Maybe i need a higher wattage powersupply?