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entry-level build

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I've been wanting to get back into pc gaming, always did prefer amd/ati back in the day and am very interested in learning the ins and outs of overclocking. all my knowledge is way out of date but Ive been doing some research and had a few questions regarding hardware.
Im not looking for cutting edge, I like my mechwarrior online and my bf4 and I'll definitely want to play eso. but in my mind, no, not everything has to be perfectly for this rig

is it plausable to run a fx8320 on a MSI 990FXA-GD65V2 for gaming?
and yes i do understand binning and the differences between the processors i like the middle ground the 8320
represents, a am worried about the limitations of the board in regards to oc, 1.5v limit?

if so, any suggestions on gpu(?)

also i love the look of the DIYPC Alpha-DB6 Black Acrylic ATX Bench Case, what are the drawbacks

honestly id love to go very low cost for this build until I have a better understanding of what exactly I want
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Ok, so I ended up picking up the 8320, and I ordered the asus sabretooth. I figured why cheap out for 50 on the motherboard, if i got a lemon with my 8320 i can always upgrade later.

Still interested in http://www.mydiypcusa.com/products/cases/bench-case/alpha-db6-case.html any thoughts?
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Resolution?psu?which mobo did you buy/?
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