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Chip broke on Power Color R9 290x

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Hi Guys

I seems to be having a terrible day today. I was trying to remove a heat sink which I previously stuck on a chip on my pcb when the chip broke in half. On the R9 290x pcb, its labeled L501. It is located to the south of the pci express power connections. From what I can see on the net, it is an inductor with readings 4.7uh. I cant find a good diagram and I am really hoping if someone can assist me with the part number.

Will also appreciate if someone can guide me forward if it can be fixed.

Please refer to the 2 diagrams I found on the net:


I'm really hoping someone can help. My card is only 2 weeks old. Warranty is void since I change the heat sink on the card.
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That sucks. I think you're better off buying a new one, finding the correct component is one thing, actually managing to solder it on properly is another.
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The card is too expensive to just buy another without trying to fix this 1. I will have the part fitted by a circuit repair shop. All I need is for someone to help me out with the part number. The bottom number suggests voltage which I need. I should be able to find the part in an electronics supply store.
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I definitely suggest leaving the cards alone from now on. You need a safe surface and gentle hands to work with these things.

also, aptitude for the task you'll be undertaking. I have been lucky enough that everything I have broken off a PCB I have been able to maintain the parts presence so that I could solder it back on.

I am not going to be able to get you a part number based off the "information" supplied, No idea how to go about processing it.

edit: I cant tell you that I think the right person to ask specifically is going to be CL3P20. I have seen him do some great things to graphics card PCB's and he is the most knowledgeable person that comes to mind.
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yes and no it is 2 inductors of 4.7uh but its made of specific materials and you
can't just throw any old inductors in there it has to be that specific component.
let me see if i can find one is it possible for you to get me the part number off
that chip please
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vedaire is 100% or more on that. I just read a little bit on how an inductor would be utilized in low voltage high amperage scenario's and it looks like the margin of error is going to be extremely thin at best for this part.
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I can locate the exact part for you and give you the correct componant
id for it but it would be upto you to get a low wattage soldering iron and very
very carefully remove the old one and reinstall the new one.

I wont be held responsible for it if you cook other computer parts.
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I cant get the part number of the component as the front half is stuck on the heat sink. I do understand that no one but myself will be held responsible if anything happens to it.

I would really appreciate if you can find me a part number. Part will be fitted professionally in an electronic shop.
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man talk about a tough component to find sheesh im still looking
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