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Raid noob help please ty

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ok i think i want to take everything off of my second 3TB drive put it on a 4TB drive i want to order and format both 3TB drives and put them in raid then copy everything from the 4TB to the 6TB raid and use that as my secondary big drive and use the 4TB as an external for backups

how do I do that? do i buy something like this? and plug both 3TB drives into the sata 3 ports?

these are the 3TB drives:



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bump jesus Christ none of my posts ever get answered
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Haha, no, that's just a PCIE card for extra eSATA ports.

Do you even know which type of RAID you want to use?

Your MOBO specs suggest the board supports Raid 0, 1, 5, and 10 using the on-board "gray" ports, you'll find that info below as well as the manual which will give you some insight.

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i want to us raid 1? the one where the data splits between the drives?
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ok nothing is plugged into sata slots 5 or 6 only 1-4. can i after i format the drives can i plug the 3Tb drives into sata 5 and 6 and just raid only those 2 drives just form those ports? i just tried selecting it in my bios for those port but wouldn't let me i assume maybe its because nothing is plugged into those ports

also if i am just going to be using the 4TB as a backup drive does it matter about speed? is 5900rpm okay?

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The manual tells you exactly what to do, read Section 5.1, mainly:

5.1.1 RAID definitions, (You want RAID 0)
5.1.3 Selecting RAID items in BIOS, (Make sure SATA 1, 2, 3 and 4 are set to AHCI and SATA 5 and 6 are set to RAID)
5.1.4 AMD Option ROM utility, (This will guide you through the process of creating the one logical RAID 0 drive you want)

Hope that helps

Also backup drives aren't focussed on speed (though I'd say get a 7200 RPM drive), it's more about size, for example you can't really back up multiple copies of your 6TB of data on a 4TB disk and then also, a backup drive isn't really a backup drive if it's in the computer you're supposed to be backing up because if something goes pop and fries your hardware, when you lose all your drives you also lose your so called backups; ideally you want an external hard drive, but you can do what you want really.
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i should just say f it buy a 7200rpm drive use it as my second drive and buy another on eventually and sell my 3TB drives....
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raid 1 does not split data. It is replicated between the two drives. You will only have 3tbs of space....
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