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260x vs 260 OC

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So I'm building a new computer that will eventually have a screaming card. I don't need the screaming-ness for anythign right now, so I'm goign to wait six months.

IN the meantime, I want to buy a ~$100 card to tide me over on the games I play now (CS:GO, GW2, LoL).

There are two options:

Sapphre R7 260x (2bg) - $109

MSI R7 260 OC - $89.

The core clocks on these are the same, so the only difference is that the 260x has slightly more shader cores. Is there anything else that justifies the extra $30? I can afford the money, but I originally planned to get something less than $100.

I hope (hope) to be able to play star citizen with everything turned down to minimum at 720P.

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Get the 260x...it has an extra GB of RAM as well as more shader cores. You're looking at 768 cores for the 260 vs. 896 cores for the 260x.

So yes...the extra ~$20 is WELL WELL WELL worth it! No question about it.

Hope this helps!
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