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i hope someone can help me with my problem,

i have an Hp Laptop Envy DV7, core i7 2.8 powered with Nvidia GT650M 2GB Dedicated DDR5

& Intel 4000 VGA
Connected to Samsung 3D Monitor SA950D 23" Via HDMI Cable

Problem is i was able to watch 3D movies without any problem, all i needed is plug the hdmi out to my monitor & sure having the latest drivers installed & the watching movies with Powerdvd13

Suddenly my laptop is not able to Run Stereoscopic 3D i get this error message when i run a 3D movie, (See Pic 1)
First i thought it's a software issue, so i placed another HDD on my laptop, fresh factory installed OS and updated driver
& nothing worked, i also tried bios update, bios rollback, and in Bios configuration there's nothing to Switch between graphic cards priority.
Thought that the problem might be from the Monitor itself, i have another desktop computer with Nvidi 610 GT i connected it VIA hdmi & it worked, so problem is not from the Monitor

What i noticed is during the Nvidia Driver it used before to detect 3D sensor of Samsung Monitor & now it's not (See Pic2)

i contacted Nvidia and they said that the Laptop is not switching to Nvidia Via HDMI out (See Pic3)

Check Display Device in Powerdvd 13 Settings it should be HDMI 1.4 while it's not

i really appreciate if anyone can Help me with this as it's really annoying

Thank you in Advance