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Inspiration was drawn from this thread here:

My proposal is that we make a sticky thread outlining what cases can fit what radiators. It has come to the attention that many people think that just because their case supports dual 120mm fans side by side that it automatically means that a 240mm radiator will fit despite this not always being the case.

I got a Fractal Design Arc Mini (non-R2...was dirt cheap) that has support for dual 140mm fans out naturally I thought my 280mm radiator would fit fine...was FAR from being right...Dremel had to be busted out.

So I say we make a legit thread about what case you have and what radiators will fit in the fan mounts/holes.


I'll start:

Fractal Design Arc Mini (non-R2):

120mm - 240mm radiator top mounted - YES
280mm radiator top mounted - NO
120mm - 240mm radiator front mounted - NO
120mm bottom mounted - YES
120mm Side Panel Mount - YES
120mm Rear Mount - YES (as long as a top radiator isn't 240mm or single 120mm isn't mounted towards the rear)
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