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Hows every one doing. So im new to the whole diy seen. im trying to figure out what computer to build and im in a bind. im going to be setting up a home security system and I don't know what motherboard to start with. im between a lga1150 socket or a dual 2011 socket. im going to have 20 (yes I said 20) 1080p cameras around my house and some other devices like mics. ive tried some different software but the one ive had the best of luck is with ispy. im currently running a old amd 3 computer with some webcams. I know its going to take a lot of prossesing power to handle all the data so I don't know which one to choose. all the cameras are going to be networked and most likely going to come in to the computer on a couple gigabit pcie cards. I don't want to bottle neck them. and on a side note if anyone knows of some lights that hook up with a cat5 and look decent a link would be helpful.