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AIO to a loop system question

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I have (as I type this) the following;

Corsair H55
Cooler Master Seidon 120M - X2
Corsair H110
Cooler Mater Seidon 240M

I have a Corsair 750 case.

What I'd like to know is this.

Is thar a way I can make a custom loop system to cool these;

2 - R9 290's and a 4770k

I have NO issue hacking sheet up to do it. Me delem-ahhhhh is refilling the system if I cut the lines.

I can figure a nice loop using all the rads as I have the space.

Has this been done and if so how so? I figure 3 of the pump on a 12v line will have no issue moving fluid or am I wrong on that?

Thoughts ... I wear big boy pants so let me have it! thumb.gif

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Totally. Only problems you COULD face are leaks (as the pumps aren't designed for different tubing and have no means of truly attaching tubing) and...well...that's it in my eyes.

As far as refilling it all goes you would have to get a reservoir for sure...but other than that...having a pump on each GPU and the CPU plus a reservoir. Should work.

Don't see why not?

Now as far as HOW to do it...well that's something you'll just have to figure out on your own as there are hardly guides out there on how to do this. Like I said though, in principle it should work fine and probably work pretty well honestly.
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Take a look at this clip there are 3 parts. Should help ya out thumb.gif


or this one mate.

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Thanks guys!

My thoughts are ....

Get hose that'll fit OVER the existing lines/fittings and clamp them on.

The Seidons have a small OD line so I might be solid using those 3 for the pumps and radiators as that would give more mounting options for push - pulls and air flow!

I'd like to NOT have a reservoir if I can avoid it but if that's the best bet I could whip somethin up.

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Hey Ferris ..... any thoughts on a small reservoir?

Here's my thoughts in image.

NOTE -- the 280x140 will be vertical.

A bud is giving me a 200mm fan I'll mount on in my window with a grill to blow acrros my R9 290 ram and vrm heat sinks. wink.gif

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Here's a rough sketch of what I want to do.

I think I can pull this off with only adding some clamps in this layout.
I think I can slide the Corsair rubber hose over the Cooler Master lines, IF I'm lucky that is.

If not I'll be able to make it work regardless with some 9.25mm ID line and some clamps.

I didn't get a big res which I hope isn't a issue. I just gotta figure a way to fill and test it from another PC's power supply.

I'm guessing distilled water is the best bet vs coolant. I'm thinking with 3 pumps it shouldn't have any problem moving the water through 880mm of radiator space.

What do ya'll think?

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Gosh ...... I might even be able to add a peltier onto the CPU .... it's been awhile (1999 -- remember that?) since I've had one. biggrin.gif

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