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Computer doesn't turn on. Motherboard problem?

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I recently built a computer and it ran fine for about 1-2 months. Now it doesn't even turn on anymore. I left it for a week cause I didn't have time to fix it, but I just got some time to take a look at it and it turned on after i stripped the PC down to just the motherboard, RAM, CPU, and PSU. After playing around with it to see if its fully functional again, it decides to not turn on again. I've tried switching PSUs, removing all the components except for just the motherboard, CPU, and PSU and still no luck. I've also tried different outlets but that didn't seem to be the problem. So I'm wondering if my motherboard is faulty or are my PSUs faulty. It did turn on a couple of times after i stripped it down but not its not working anymore.

P.S. - The whole PC system runs inside a crate and I turn it on by connecting the 2 power pins via a wire that I cut off from an unused fan i found. The system ran for about 2 months without any problems and it just decides to shut off and not work one day. Its not an overheating issue as the CPU is under 30 degrees at all times. If it helps, I'm using a GA-990FXA-UD3 gigabyte AMD board and an FX processor.

Any input would be really appreciated smile.gif

Thanks in advance!
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did you try to reset bios etc..
I think it could be the processor, had that happen with my z87 after a week. replaced processor and mobo works
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But the temperatures of the CPU have always remained under 30 degrees. I'll try replacing the CPU and see what happens.

Thanks for the input! smile.gif
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I tried re-seating the CMOS battery and it didn't work. I've been jump starting this PC since I built it with a screwdriver. Could it be possible that I fried the power pins somehow?
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You won't fry the power pins shorting them with a screwdriver but it is possible you inadvertently shorted the live pin to a neighbouring pin by accident and thereby damaged the board.
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I forgot to mention that my screwdriver was magnetic and I'm not sure if that caused any problems. The pins don't seem to be bent in any way so I don't think the pins ever touched each other.
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Magnetic or not makes no difference.

I'm only saying you may have shorted incorrect pins by accident and caused damage.

I wouldn't have thought manufacturers would have put system critical pins in such close proximity but it's just maybe possible that live to HD busy/reset would cause problems.

You mention built in a crate and you're using a screwdriver to switch on...

Times are tough but really?
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Sorry, reread your original post and noted wire from fan.
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I'd strip it all down and reassemble to rule out bad connections, even on the CPU.

With the PSU disconnected you can test it by shorting the GREEN wire and a neighbouring BLACK on the Motherboard connector, if the fan spins up you have at least some indication that it works.
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