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Given a budget of $1500-1800, how would you go about upgrading this system?

i7 920 @ 4ghz
2x6990s - crossfire
8gb ddr3
2560x1440 LCD

I am guessing by now this CPU is a major bottleneck in this system. I am not sure it can drive the 6990s at 2560x1440, so I am looking to upgrade. Upgrading the motherboard, processor, and memory wouldn't nearly get me to the $1500 dollar mark, but I am open to possibly upgrading the video cards since they are about what, 4 years old?

Any thoughts, recommendations, etc?

I was thinking of going with i7 4770 Haswell (3.4ghz) with 16gb of ram. Do you think the video cards need updating as well?

Thank you for the help!
Thats actually good as is, I don't know what your doing with it but if its gaming just get a gtx 780, your temps will go down as for the power draw and you will notice alot smoother gameplay. Also, are you running an ssd, if not try a 120 gb for your os. Believe me, your computer will feel like new.