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[Build Log] Vapour1ze's 4760k Elite 130 ITX Build!

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Starting my thread off here and will be updating it along the way! I have finished my primary rig for the most part. (lol finished? I don't even know what that means) anyways, I've been wanting to do an ITX build for some time now. The time has come, I have completed majority of my order and am ready to begin building as soon as parts start showing up.

No this build isn't for 1440p gaming with super 1337 gfx or anything like that. I'm building this box for use at my GF's place. And maybe some work use so I can easily take a box to work here and there if I need to.

I have an updated PC Part Picker list available here if anyone is interested in viewing parts.

I'm kind of excited and nervous to be using an R9 270X, I wasn't intending on going that route but I picked a used one up on eBay for a steal that I couldn't pass up. Originally I was going to be heading towards a GTX760, again light weight, nothing too crazy.

If no one wants to traverse the link and view the PC Part Picker list. Below are the specs for what the build will contain.

CPU - Intel 4670k Haswell
MOBO - ASRock Z87E-ITX 1150
RAM - Corsair Vengeance Pro 2x4gb 8gb 2133 Black
PSU - Corsair CX500M
GPU - MSI G9 270x Gaming 2gb
Cooling - Corsair H60
Thermal Paste - Arctic Silver 5
HDD - Samsung EVO 250gb
Case - Cooler Master Elite 130

Pictures are definitely soon to follow and I will update this every step of the way and have a great end result hopefully. I am also excited to use the cooler master elite 130 for the chassis. I was debating painting the outer shell a matte white and leaving the grill black. Not sure how that would work out, but I may give it a go. Worst case scenario it looks like doodoo and I re-order another one for $50. As for now, I am awaiting about 5 or 6 different UPS shipments and will update the thread accordingly.

Thanks for checking in smile.gif
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Sounds like a cool build!
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Well everything came in and I got the build together last night, everything went REALLY GREAT! I never though an ITX case could be so planned out. Cooler Master nailed it with the Elite 130. I love it! It was so fun and yet easy to navigate throughout the case. Even though everything is so scaled down considering my last build was in the 900D!

The only thing I had to switch was the rad, I had the tubes coming out on the left side which interfered with GFX mounting, so I had to flip flop that. Other than that, it went very smooth. The Corsair H60 was a litttttle snug trying to fit that under the psu and not bend the tubing too much. It was tight but managed. There was a little pressure on my board so I had to work around with it a little bit until it was ok.

Spec list is accurate still and everything worked great! Here are some photos, (random order I apologize) and I will upload some better high quality pics once I get home from work and can pull out my DSLR and do some wire management beforehand.


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