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Hello gents,

As stated in this topic I'm building a digital forensics dedicated workstation, it might not be amazing but I like where I'm going so far, however I'd like some recommendations,

I want to increase my USB and SATA capabilities by using my PCI slots, what PCI cards would allow me to add more USB ports (as in motherboard ports, I'm not looking to plug usb sticks here).
What about SATA ? Is there some reliable SATA PCI-E controllers I could get ? As far as the limit of PCI things I can plug, what would be the limit ? Can I keep adding stuff as long as I still have some PCI lanes available ?

I'm really tired so sorry if that doesn't make a lot of sense, I'll check back tomorrow and if needed will clarify things a little bit.
Also if someone has something to recommend in regards to the topic I've linked I'd be grateful.

Thanks in advance wink.gif