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I bought a Seasonic X650 about a year ago from newegg and it's been pretty great. Minimal coil whine, fan comes on rarely unless I'm playing a game, hasn't had any issues booting up, etc. Recently though I've been noticing a really annoying chirping noise when the fan revs up and down. After quite a bit of testing with turning other fans off the only possible thing that could be making noise was the power supply. At this point it's definitely the fan and there's no doubt in my mind.

I really don't want to deal without my PC for up to 2-3 weeks if I don't have to and I really don't want to void the warranty just for a fan in case of a real problem later. I've called their support line, it was not connecting to their RMA department, so I had to be connected manually through sales. I asked them if they did Advanced RMA, but I couldn't understand the person at all. They told me to email them for the RMA form since their site has been down for a few days and there isn't anything about receiving a replacement first. Has anybody ever gotten their replacement first before sending theirs to Seasonic? How would I go about it considering they don't want to do RMAs over the phone, their form on their site doesn't work (whole site doesn't work), and the RMA form linked is completely vague and empty? If I knew this was how their support was I would've just went with Corsair or something considering they actually do Advanced Replacements.

A bit on topic: I also bought a Gigabyte GTX 670 Windforce around the same time and one of the fans went bad, but they won't just send a fan, they want to send in the whole unit. Is this how RMAs are with every company. Feels off that I should just have tons of backup parts in case of shoddy build.

Thanks in advance.