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Under CPU option in the bios you can change individual boost clocks on each core. By default this is set the profiling where some cores are less than others to get 3.9 on the first two. You can just change this so they boost to a static multiplier of 42.

As for the temperature it's still within the safe zone. A increase of 300MHz will not change the temperature by much. If anything the dynamic boost clock sets a voltage that is well over what is actually needed. You can set this to a static value like 1.2ish (which is what I have set it to). My temperatures running AVX prime95 for 2hours or so only hits max of 80 (still summer over here) and while gaming or doing less intensive stuff only goes to 60. Judging by the variance I'm getting I probably should delid myself but I can't bring myself to use a razor tongue.gif

Thanks for the info I'll look into it.